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2018 Texas HIV-STD Conference

November 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am - November 29, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

About the Conference

The goal of the 2018 Texas HIV/STD Conference is to educate and inform HIV/STD health professionals who serve Texans living with and affected by HIV and other STDs. The conference typically draws 800 to 1,000 HIV/STD health professionals from throughout Texas.

Overall Priorities


Individual Track Priorities

HIV Care Services Track

Purpose: Ensure that all people living with HIV in Texas are engaged in the system of care and achieve sustained viral suppression.


  • Identify approaches and innovations to help locate individuals living with HIV who know their status but are not in medical care and link them to medical care.
  • Identify strategies that will assist with retaining priority populations in medical care.
  • Implement technology to enhance and facilitate linkage and retention into medical care.
  • Increase focus and training on retention in care.
  • Understand, identify, and address barriers to accessing HIV medications.


Prevention Track

Purpose: Increase knowledge of HIV prevention?s multiple roles in ending the epidemic and build skills in effectively implementing the tools that will work across the spectrum.


  • Identify appropriate ways to use social media, mobile apps and other marketing tools for HIV prevention.
  • Increase knowledge of HIV testing technologies.
  • Increase knowledge of status neutral navigation and successful entry and retention into service.
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness of the impact of social determinants and how to engage and mobilize the community in addressing these determinants.
  • Increase skills in working with medical communities to support implementation of routine HIV screening and PrEP assessment, prescribing, and maintenance.


Epidemiology and Surveillance Track

Purpose: Increase knowledge and understanding of population-level, epidemiological HIV/STD/HCV data.


  • Explore factors and barriers that play a role in creating health disparities.
  • Share the current snapshot and trends of HIV/STD/HCV in Texas.
  • Address what population-level metrics can show whether the HIV epidemic has ended in Texas.
  • Focus on which behavioral and network characteristics play a role in the acquisition and successful treatment of HIV.
  • Understand how population-level data matters at the local level.


STD Track

Purpose: Increase knowledge of STD clinical care and prevention of STDs.


  • Identify appropriate ways to use social media, mobile apps and other marketing tools for STD prevention.
  • Increase knowledge of gonorrhea testing and treatment and identify where to focus efforts to prevent the spread of infection in the community.
  • Increase knowledge of congenital syphilis and prevention efforts.
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness of human trafficking.
  • Expand use of peer networks for STD prevention efforts.


Viral Hepatitis Track

Purpose: Increase knowledge of Hepatitis C mono-infection, coinfection and its role in the opioid epidemic.


  • Increase knowledge of Hepatitis C prevention, testing and treatment.
  • Increase knowledge of common co-morbidities for individuals living with Hepatitis C.
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities in Hepatitis C treatment.
  • Understand the increase in Hepatitis C infections and its link to the worsening opioid epidemic.


Health Equity Track

Purpose: Achieve equitable health outcomes in relation to HIV/STD/HCV prevention and care for all Texans.


  • Identify the causes of HIV/STD/HCV health inequities among priority populations.
  • Work with communities to develop culturally appropriate care that identifies and removes barriers.
  • Understand the historical context of why health inequities exist, the impact of health inequities and how knowledge of health inequities can be used to improve health outcomes.
  • Increase awareness of the impact social determinants of health has on inequitable health outcomes.


Leadership Track

Purpose: Examine HIV/STD leadership in Texas through the lens of reducing disproportionalities and disparities.


  • Provide a joint, national update from the?National Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors?and?National Coalition of STD Directors.
  • Identify strategies that build stronger and more diverse leadership within HIV/STD organizations and Texas communities by embracing cultural, racial, and sexual identities.
  • Identify leaders at all levels to bridge the gap in HIV/STD health disparities.
  • Increase knowledge of strategies for intentional leadership transition to the next generation of diverse leaders.