HIV Connection


HIV Connection Trainings

The Texas HIV Connection’s primary service is providing trainings relating to HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases. These trainings are targeted to persons who work in the fields of substance abuse, mental health, and HIV early intervention throughout Texas.

The primary target populations for HIV Connection services include?DSHS MHSA funded treatment providers, DSHS MHSA funded HIV early intervention providers, DSHS MHSA licensed substance abuse treatment providers, other DSHS funded providers, persons seeking to become licensed chemical dependency counselors (LCDCs), other social service agencies and organizations that target substance abuse populations, and other persons in the alcohol and substance abuse field.

There are no training charges for DSHS MHSA funded agencies seeking to sponsor an HIV Connection training.?Non-funded organizations seeking to sponsor a training event will be charged a fee per day, plus travel expenses for each trainer.?

The HIV Connection looks forward to coming out to a location near you, to provide you and your organization with the the knowledge and skills needed to serve the community you work in. Please click on the link provided below to get an overview of the training plan that the HIV Connection has for this first half of Fiscal 2018 year. Trainings will be scheduled with DSHS MHSA HIV Outreach, HIV Early Intervention and treatment provider contractors.

To request a training, please submit this form to HTS Manager Jessica Frye,

Thank you for all that you do.